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Founder Story

We Roam, a new take on the concept of work

Recently launched, We Roam allows professionals to pursue their love of travel and grow in their profession without having to put their career on hold.

The traditional desire to work from home has since evolved to working from anywhere, and it’s becoming a more massive trend and deal breaker in the work force. We Roam is capitalizing on this desire by curating groups of remote workers and digital nomads to travel the world together – living and working in new, hand-picked destinations each month across South America, Africa, Europe and Asia.

A new concept, no – but one we believe we can do better. Here’s how we’re different, says Sean Harvey co-founder of We Roam

  • Professional development – our destinations were focused communities with thriving startup/tech/business hubs
  • Premium experience – no dorms, hostels, or hotels with community bathrooms
  • Curated destinations & workspaces – better destinations in more popular, posh areas
  • Growth not interruption – goal of the program is to build personal/professional relationships around the world and expand your professional career, not put it on hold

Interview of Sean Harvey

The Story Behind the identity of We Roam
While there were many different names we were throwing around, We Roam ended up being the best named that summed up two important aspects of our company, community and traveling the world. Community is extremely important to a We Roam trip, which is why we have a 3-step application process and want a very diverse and eclectic group of professionals, called Roamers. Our trips involve traveling the different countries and continents of the world, therefore “We Roam” was born.

About the Team
As of now, we are a team of 2 co-founders: Sean Harvey and Nathan Yates. We will be looking to expand the team to around 6 people by end of year. Sean spent 3 years living and working abroad in Spain and has a background in enterprise tech sales, while Nathan has extensive travel experience throughout the world and comes from a finance/law background.




Nathan Yates

A quality experience from start to finish will always be the the most important factor in any decision that is made within We Roam.

Next Steps
We are extremely excited about the destinations for our next trip, which begins January 2017 ( We curated some of the most diverse and culturally rich cities in the world and have partnered with amazing local shared workspaces, making this an experience of a lifetime.

Advise for fellow entrepreneurs
When trying to come up with new ideas, start with your interests and what you are actually passionate about. Anyone can come up with a good idea and turn it into a product or company, but the one that you are passionate about is the one that will succeed.

We Roam is now accepting applications for our January 2017 trip. Head over to to apply!

Founder Story
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