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Testimonials that can boost your traffic and sales, that’s the promise of Vocal References, available on Appstore and Google play, this platform will help you skyrocket your SEO.

What is the story behind the name and how was Vocal References born?
In our previous positions, we were being told by many of our customers that they were getting more and more negative reviews which were not always justified or were, in the minority of cases, only rectified after speaking with the customer. Unfortunately even if the review is unjustified or if the problem was rectified the bad review remains and in our online word it remains online forever. It was having a negative effect on our customers’ businesses.

We decided that if bad reviews would remain forever why not give them the tools to promote good reviews which would also last forever. Then, at least the online consumer could see a balanced view of the business and more importantly place the onus of maintaining a good online reputation back in the hands of the business.

We decided to name our business VocalReferences.  As opposed to our competitors, our product encompasses text and video testimonials.  We combined the word Vocal with References, to capture the video and dynamic aspects of our product.  Recording a video (or vocal) testimonial is the most “real” & authentic way to promote your product/service/brand.

Can you describe your daily work?. Tell us more About the team and the founder
The founders of the company come from the business world.  Prior to VocalReferences the Founders were involved in promoting SEO services to SMB’s.  Knowing the marketing value and importance of reviews and testimonials, we founded the company to provide SMB’s with the tools to easily capture, display and share authentic customer feedback – with the angle to promote the best of the business.

We are always reviewing our product & talking with our customers to see what works and what doesn’t work.

One of the co-founders, David Wenner, was a top business consultant in Canada working for several Fortune 500 companies.  The other co-founder, David Barth, was a founding member of a telecom startup, leading to a successful IPO.

Don’t just display your testimonials. Make them work for you!

Most websites have text testimonials displayed on their website (most often just 2 or 3).  Usually they are quickly outdated and flat.  There is so much more that can be done with this valuable content like sharing them on social media, adding video testimonials and of course marketing them via Google, Bing and other search engines.  Our tools assist in these tasks. Not to mention the fact that when it comes to testimonials ‘more’ is actually better.  We also offer many simple and effective capture tools.

How do you mostly sell your product? What do you market yourself and who are your partners?
We sell our products online via our website, integrations with web platforms like Wix, Weebly, Jimdo and via the mobile app stores – iTunes and the Google Play store.

A quick word about the next product/functionalities
Further integrations with Facebook.  More testimonial display options. A more flexible Add Testimonial form.  And a few more we prefer not disclose just yet.

Which stage of the development are you? describe how easy /hard it is to launch a product like this?
We launched the product to the marketplace close to 2 years ago.  The initial response was very positive and we have seen increased sales as the word gets out about the benefits of our products and services.  Launching a new product to the marketplace is not an easy task.  Having previous experience in selling products and services to the SMB market has made the process a lot easier.

 What would you advise young founder and people who will follow your steps
Test.  Find some early adopters and work closely with them to refine the vision, the product and the way to market.  Use these early adopters as your case studies and testimonials to bring proof as to the value of your product.

Value – Make sure you build something that someone is willing to buy.
Patience – Things, most of the time do not go as planned.  Be willing to adjust and compromise.

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