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US Startup, Venture with Impact, Allows Professionals to Work Remotely with a Social Twist

Having traveled the world while working full-time jobs, Venture with Impact founders Ann Davis and Lauren Bernard understand the internal struggle of wanting to maintain a professional career, while at the same time nurturing an adventurous and humanitarian identity.

The mission of Venture with Impact, LLC is to expose professionals to new cultures, people and ideas so that they may be more informed and empathetic world citizens, and in the process, provide a positive social impact.

According to a director at the World Bank, Kristalina Georgieva, ‘ecotourism and cultural tourism, which encompass the category of voluntourism, are the fastest-growing areas of the world travel industry’ (  Yet, Venture with Impact,  is the only organization of its kind that brings together professionals, provides them with an opportunity to work remotely abroad, and matches them with a volunteer experience.

In each city, venturers live and work remotely for two months in provided accommodation and workspace.  In their free time, they are matched with one of Venture with Impact’s local non-profit partners.  Venture with Impact works with their partners to find participants an opportunity that meets their interests and schedule.

A survey conducted by the Independent Sector, a non-profit organization that researches and records volunteering activity throughout the U.S., found that 70% of people travel for the same reason that they volunteer, which is to gain a new perspective (

Venture with Impact plans cultural activities and weekend trips throughout the two months, which allows participants an opportunity to dig deep in the local culture and create bonds with their fellow venturers.

Venture with Impact is launching their two-month pilot program in Trujillo, Perú, beginning in January of 2017.  Between fifteen and twenty professionals of diverse backgrounds will participate in the pilot program.  So far they have had a range of applicants in terms of age, profession, nationality, and experience.  The age of applicants has ranged from early 20s to 60s and professions have included software designers, entrepreneurs, non-profit directors, project managers, photographers, artists and writers.

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