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UpChannel Brings Loci Onboard to its dApp Marketplace

UpChannel, being one of the world’s largest marketplace for dApps, should be majorly concerned about intellectual property and the assurance of the rights of creators and inventors. And the truth is that, according to the most recent news coming from this company, it really is.

Just recently, it was announced that Loci would join UpChannel’s marketplace. This company developed a new intellectual property platform which, using an in-house developed patent search engine, makes the process of searching and applying to new patents much easier and simpler.

LOCIsearch, as that search engine is called, makes use of the blockchain technology, machine learning and other interested technological capabilities, to deliver an unparalleled service to anyone, from patent attorneys and inventors to corporate analysts, allowing them to search the entire landscape of patents and intellectual property.

Charlie Hulcher is the Head of Technology at Spire, UpChannel’s very own cryptocurrency token (SPI), and shared his views on why Loci is a natural fit for UpChannel’s marketplace:

“Sadly, theft is rampant in emerging markets. And the targets are not just cash, they are ideas, which can be even more valuable, especially to global corporations. By cultivating and simplifying the invention process for inventors and entrepreneurs through the Loci blockchain based platform, Spire can help drive the upward economic mobility of people in these markets.”

Loci’s platform is able to deliver more complete and thorough information, having no match in any other tools available on the Internet. In addition, it provides more relevant information than regular manual searches do. With Loci’s own blockchain token, LOCIcon, Loci can have even more control on the platform, and also really make it safe and secure. John Wise, CEO of Loci, believes this partnership can be helpful to everyone:

“Spire’s combination of massive distribution and a clear focus on emerging markets makes them a force of nature in the crypto space. By providing inventors and entrepreneurs in these markets with IP safeguards, Loci can help them safely expand beyond their village or town, into the global marketplace.”

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