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Tool Making And Various Process Of Tool Making

Since the start of the human race, there are various things that have helped a man in his living. Humans have the special ability to turn things into useful one and use them according to their needs. Tools have been the most important part of human history. In early ages, man used to have stone-made tools for the daily living. But as the time has made progress, there has been a major evolution in tool making.
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Taking a look around, we can see some marvelous inventions in this present age that has made the life of a man convenient enough.

What exactly is tool making?

Tool making is the process of making the tools of any kind. From the simple hand tools to the advanced technology based tools are involved in the process of tool making. The tools made, are mostly used in making products of different kinds. The most common tools that are made from the process of tool making are;

  • Metal formed tools.
  • The cutting tools like bit tools and the milling
  • Fixtures

Not only some specific tools, but even the whole machinery used for the manufacturing, holding or testing of the products of various kinds. Due to the requirement of some certain products, the modification or making of specific tools is a necessary thing.

The whole process:

  • The tool making process generally involves the new and modified designing of tools that are used for the manufacturing of certain products.
  • The original blueprints are involved during the testing of tools and during the manufacturing of tools as well. The blueprint process is a necessity as the company uses this as a permit for the output of a new product.
  • When the parts of a huge machine and other factory equipment are taken into consideration, the assembling process is really an important one. A tool maker should have the understanding and be aware of the assembling process. Once the machinery is fully assembled according to the requirements, the tool maker tests it that whether it would give the desired product output or not.

The manual process:

This is the process which involves the job of engineers on the whole. From the cutting of raw tool’s raw material to the finishing, the entire layout remains in the hand. The weight of metal or any other material, designing and the final shape is involved in this process.

Latest modifications:

The latest modifications in the technology have made revolutionary changes in tools and its making also. Everything is now conducted through advanced methods like the use of computer software and the 3D tech. The Computer aided designing has made the tool making quite convenient.

The designing process by CAD is a fast and advanced process for tool making. The 3D process simplifies the evaluation of the tools after the designing is done.

The advanced ways like the CAD and 3D tech have made the job quite convenient for the tool makers. The designing and the manufacturing is done faster than manual. The manual process has the chances of error with the slow process of making. The tool making process is not an easy job at all. It requires extensive skills in the maker.


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