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Signs indicating you require Probe Repair Services

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Damaged and impaired ultrasound probes can cause misdiagnosis as well as danger for both patients and technicians. In some instances, they can cause even more costly damages if not addressed on time. Purchasing a new probe can be quite expensive. Fortunately, most damaged probes can be fixed by probe repair experts. Listed below are some common probe issues to spot and know when your probes need repair.

Lines on the Screen
Black lines in your images are not usual. These lines are also known as “Dropout’’ and are created when one of the piezoelectric crystals stop sending and receiving signals. Some black lines are harmless. They just hang out on the sides of the screen, but others are large and can mislead a diagnosis. Once you start seeing faint little lines that do not obscure much. These are the first signs that your ultrasound probe needs to be replaced.

Damage to the Cable Sheath
Tiny tears and cuts in the sheath of your cable could be dangerous. The cable is a vital part of the delicate mechanism of a probe. Damaged cable sheaths create a risk of electrocution and could hurt a staff or a patient. This kind of damage occurs when the cord is carelessly run over by bed wheels or chair legs. Take care protecting your cables, and if they are damaged, you need probe repair services to fix the damage.

Probe Leakage
The 3D/4D probes have very soft shells, and it is not clear what causes it. But when it happens, you will see a wave when you turn it all the way up while facing down, then turn it up quickly. The oil inside the casing shifts, causing the effect. The back and forth motion of the traducer just makes matters worse. For proper repairs on 3D/4D probes visit transesophageal probe

Cracked Strain Relief
Cracked strain relief may occur where the probe attaches to the cable. But you may also see it at the traducer connector. This is not difficult to notice the separation is easily visible. When it occurs, do not wait for further damage as once the sensitive inner sides are exposed, they can lead to more costly repairs. For efficient repairs visit ultrasound transducer probe

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