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Wearable technology, especially developed for children and boasting a host of advanced features at an affordable price, has been launched in the UK. It’s a watch, it’s a phone, it’s a fitness aid and it represents a significant step forward in helping to keep children safe.

The watch – the Aspis8 – delivers a wide range of unique features. Each watch has its own exclusive SIM card – if your child needs help they can simply press the SOS button and it will call one of three numbers linking with the first person available to answer.

In an emergency the SIM card will locate your loved one even in a crowd using the same technology and allows the watch to act as a telephone in its own right independent of any other mobile device – allowing the user access to 10 different numbers.

You can track your loved ones on any mobile device or a PC to keep in contact at all times. And the watch is deliberately available in one colour only – Yellow – to act as a warning and a deterrent. It’s the universal colour for safety.


The watch, available on line at for just £49.95 continues to work when so called cheap tracker watches have given up. It has a long life rechargeable battery and also features talk messaging services, geo fencing and much more. You can even reward your child via your mobile phone for any pre-set achievement.

Other features of the Aspis8 include:

  • Tracks your child and loved ones all the time
  • Incorporates Free talk feature for messaging
  • Uses a safety zone feature to create protected areas.
  • Parents SOS facility enables phone warning to up to three different relatives
  • You can track loved ones via your PC or any other mobile device
  • Parent alerts when watch removed, low battery or child leaves pre-determined safety zone
  • Wide range of fitness features – And of course it tells the time

The app that powers many of the functions can be downloaded Free of charge via App Store or Google Play. The only additional cost is an £8.99 a month VAT inclusive charge for the SIM card which powers the phone, which will work in almost every country in the world.

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