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Mechanical Collective directory, interview of the founders

What is the essence of your brand?

Mechanical Collective stands for a growing collection of companies within our network, providing services that fall under the category of mechanical or light manufacturing. We wish to connect our users to an array of companies that provide a broad range of services, anything from CAD design to the products realization.

Tell us about your team

Mechanical Collective was founded by Garrett and Taylor in early 2016. Our focus has been on launching the website itself and ending the our beta testing period. We will soon be moving into an aggressive marketing campaign to recruit more companies to our site.

Building stronger businesses through increased visibility in networking

How do you market your platform?

The best part about our product is that it is free! Access to our directory of companies and forums is free along with your user profile. We hope to encourage use of our platform and want to see our company and user base grow.

What’s next?

Forward looking, we would love to continue evolving our website to be as userfriendly as possible. We have a few different platforms ready to add in which would give our users an even more comprehensive experience. For the moment we are focused on growing our network which will be the foundation for all future expansion.

Advise for young enterpreneurs?

Be willing to follow your ideas and business through to realization. Many people talk, few are willing
to do what it takes to bring their ideas to fruition. Don’t be scared to fail at something like starting a
business it is a daunting task, but you will never accomplish anything by standing idle.

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