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Poindexter has a great concept and an interested point of view, when it comes to help startup grow financially. Here are the anwser to our interview.

About the brand
A Poindexter is what you call someone who is intelligent / studious and a little socially awkward. We used Poindexter as the name of our product to convey the sense that he’s just another member of the team, but very competent in his domain, which for us is financials. It often doesn’t make sense to include a finance person as a founding member, so our goal was to help fill that gap by giving anyone the ability to create professional financial projections. In this way Poindexter could act as a sort of advisor, by taking care of the technical aspects of the financials, and allow the visionary to focus on optimizing the strategy.

our goal is to help you plan your business more profitably

As a small startup our days are filled with all sorts of activities ranging from responding to customer questions, to mocking up new functionalities, to building out our distribution channels. We definitely have our hands full!

Tell us more about the team
Right now we have a development team of 3 building out new functions, and servicing the platform, while I’m taking care of the marketing, customer service and design responsibilities. Our team works remotely, except my lead engineer and I are based in LA.

Poindexter promises to enhance your decision making by taking care of the numbers as you focus on how to grow the business.

We’re a cloud based Saas, so all sales take place through the site in the form of monthly subscriptions. At the moment we are doing most of the legwork as far as marketing goes, but we are currently looking into a referral / affiliate program to increase our reach.

What’s next?
The next updates will include improvements / fixes to the current platform from feedback we’ve gotten from early users. Future updates will be focused on automating more of the projection process, and integrating other data sources for more robust insights that enable users to make better decisions regarding their business’s future.

Advise for young entrepreneurs?
Don’t strive for perfection. Strive for feedback. When building a product it can be very easy to get lost in the weeds, and to start building features that aren’t important. Do the least amount of work possible to get your idea in front of people and figure out whether it’s something they actually need. You’ll save yourself a lot of pain, and wasted effort this way.

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