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Joanna Jiang founder of Better Design

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Discovered on betalist as a featured startup and on betapage, here is an interview of Joanna Jiang UX designer and founder of better design a great tool to test design for free.

Please Joanna tell us more about you and how you created Better Design

My name is Joanna Jiang. I was working in a design agency as an UX designer, there were a lot of times that I created different version of designs but I didn’t know which design was better. As many clients were startups, they didn’t have budget and time for us to test the designs. So I went online to look for websites that could help testing designs promptly and for free, however I couldn’t find any, so I decided to created it.

At the beginning, I came up with the name “UsabilityLab”, I was thinking that the platform I wanted to create is for designers to test their design, it’s like a lab for usability testing. I talked with some of my friends, they think it’s too long and not straight forward. So I came up with “BetterDesign”. Simple, easy to understand, and later if we want to create another product, we can use “Better…”

My MOTO is No one knows what he can do until he tries.

I did poll my logo. I create a few different logos and post in a Slack Channel with hundreds of designers. There are two logos got the most votes. I got feedbacks on which one and why they like it better. So I combined two parts that they liked the most and created a new logo. They loved it.


How do you organize your journey?
I work fulltime as an UX designer in Zoom( currently. I work very close with the marketing team to redesign our website. BetterDesign comes as my side project, I work on it in the evenings and weekends. My boyfriend (Jesus Cagide) recommend Iddar Olivares Morales (the developer) in Mexico to work with me. We collaborate using Trello( planning the project), Google Drive(sharing files), Messenger(chat), and Zoom(video meeting). So we only have 2 people work on this projects. Iddar also works part time as well, but we make great progress every week. We sync up twice each week, we worked on this project close to 4 months so far and we plan to finish the MVP.

If you want to create great design, you’ve got to test

How do you sell your product?
I joined a few designer groups and founders group on Facebook like Designer Guild, Product Hunt, etc. I joined some groups on Linkedin as well. I created UX Design Community on Slack, we have almost 600 UX Designers there now. The product will be free to use, however we will create premium features later that only paid users can access. As our target users are designers, so most likely we will sell our product in the design community. We will market ourselves to help designers to create better designs and better products. We hope in the future, we can work with Invision, Dribbble, Behance, MarvelApp as partners.

Any secret functionnalities to come?
Private polls! More different types of posts. For example, designers can just post a question, or a question with image, or polls with a question and image or create multiple polls in one survey.

BetterDesign is still under development, We are about to finish our MVP. We are looking for beta tester now. We only launched our landing page ( so far which went very well. We are on now. You will see us in Betalist and LaunchingNext soon. We have 30 designers on our beta list now. We are looking forward to see more designers sign up. It’s hard to launch a product like this because I don’t have any partner so far, I am trying to build a community for BetterDesign before it launches. I will try to use platforms like Betalist, Product hunt:, Hacker News, (with pleasure!).

What would you advise young founder and people who will follow your steps
Make sure to do user research before you start to create your product to make sure your product has a market fit. Test your designs with users. Don’t assume, ask your users when you have questions. Build a community for your product before you launch so you have the audience base

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