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New Ways to Woo Media Interest for Upcoming Events and Social Gatherings - In the Era of Big Data Visuals and Graphics Matter More than Ever. InvitetheMedia announces the addition of IP Targeting Technology.
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by Cristiane Roget, correspondent VIPictures.com

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Houston/Texas. Developed by AdAvenueGroup, a global news aggregation- press relations service and employing an up-to-the-minute database of 1.8 million news evaluators in 600 categories; InviteTheMedia, (ITM) is the first and only subscriber service to match relevant event invitations and calendar notices targeted at press members, calendar creators, social media bloggers, and influencers.

Announcing from their new location at TechSpace™ in Houston, Texas and with satellite offices in South Florida, Los Angeles, California and Paris, France, InvitetheMedia has upgraded their proprietary service with the launch of new features that include an IP targeting technology displaying event planners graphic invitation directly on the press contact’s web browser.

While resolving the challenge of how to comprehensively match an event invitation to the interests of a press member, InviteTheMedia’s new and improved proprietary platform assures subscriber invitations are visually engaging with the addition of graphics, brand topography, personalized banners, and logos.

Featured on the ADD Traffic IP platform (http://addtraffic.eu), a hyper-targeting technology, ITM matches IP addresses and physical addresses to improve customer reach and boost the engagement of the press recipient. The ITM banners serve the press as ‘calendar reminders’ and ‘save the dates’ with text and illustrations that have proven to garner additional media coverage and increased attendance.

All of InviteTheMedia’s contacts to receive the initial invitation, reminders 2 weeks prior to the event and one last ‘heads up’ the day before or the morning of the event. The platform calculates this timeframe to best reach their designated press recipient, and on time.

«Our data management technology helps event planners receive more visibility and engagement from local and relevant media contacts and provides our valued customers with the accurate media data that heretofore was unavailable to them due to the expense they would incur for data that was hit or miss at best» confirms Francois Huynh, CEO of AdAvenueGroup and founder of InviteTheMedia.com.

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