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Different automated packaging systems like blister packs to order fulfillment as well as boxing has turned to be much sought-after over the last years. That’s because they are cost-effective and very efficient. You will find a plethora of reasons to jump to systems with programmed container packaging. This includes a lowered need for trained staff, quicker order fulfillment, or programmed container packaging.

However, these are not the only reasons why companies are massively investing in continuous motion machines. You will also find other surprising ways your company could benefit from them.


There’s also a substantial expense, which is incurred when somebody is injured at work. With continuous motion machines, you will lower the incidence of OJT injuries as well as the associated costs. Some of these are compensation claims, any external or internal safety audits and the expense of employing a replacement staff during and after recovery of the injured employee.

Enhanced automation also translates to an enhanced safety record and less need to interrupt services because of accidents.


Continuous motion machines could be tailored to the shape and size of your existing warehousing facilities. It employs less space, saving you cash on leased warehousing and pushing back the necessity for extra space as your organization grows.

You might even free up additional floor space in your existing facility, which can be utilized for other purposes.


Automated packaging systems do as smoothly at the end of a long day as they performed at the onset of the day. You see, they offer more consistency in the end.

Meanwhile, employees are more likely to drain as the day goes. What’s more, they also make mistakes, do their task slowly and might not be as attentive by the end of the day, resulting in inconsistent outcomes and the need for do-overs.

You will encounter fewer returns because of unhappy clients or damaged goods. Quality control can substantially come if your company invests in continuous motion machines, as there will be a less human error to struggle.


You have already identified the savings you will earn if you opt for a system, which needs fewer workers. For each aspect of the process, which no longer requires an employee, you will save the cost for an employee.

However, you will also incur the less downtime, as you won’t need to struggle with as many staff who calls in sick. Over several years, some factors will add up to massive expenses such as the amount for the training of new staff, workmen’s compensation, and sick days, and if one leaves.

With continuous motion machines, you will lower outlay for holiday pay, paid vacations and other costs. Your packing and production costs will also be lowered, as automated assembly lines do not require coffee breaks and don’t require to be paid overtime.

Together, with the more apparent savings of automated packaging systems, lowered downtime, increased warehouse real estate, enhanced consistency, and improved safety all combine to offer you an excellent return on your investment.

Photo by Bench Accounting on Unsplash

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