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Great tips for startuper

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Being a start-up’er is like a trend of the last few years, and right now every college graduate is dreaming about his product being fund-raised by the “Angels” of Silicon Valley. But what is essential to know before bringing your startup in front of the big Investors and who those “Angels” are? Follow to see the most important tips on this topic!

Angels is a community of big investors that will eventually help you on your journey from idea to a real product that millions of people all around the world will enjoy. These so called “Angels” aren’t going to eat you or want to destroy your business, these people are serious managers with the super-power of seeing the future trends and the things that will rock specifically targeted community in the next weeks, years or even decades. A great list angels from Crunchbase

Having a good idea is a must-have, but it doesn’t matter how great your idea is if nobody knows about it. Let’s take it easier with examples, there are dozens of companies producing high-quality smartphones for accessible prices and some of them have amazing features, but people will still rather buy an iPhone, just because it sounds cool and like the phone that will make you trendy. Yes, it is true that iPhones have many unique features, but 90% of their clientèle is more concerned about the social position that it gives than the features. Why? Exactly! Because marketing and big investments in advertising. For online marketing a must see website is :

It’s cool to be multitasking, but without a team, you risk to simply get sick of it and ill, or simply give up much easier and screw your social life, and all these factors obviously, don’t advantage you. Having a team means not only not getting tired, but also having multiple views and a much more efficient brainstorm and a faster exit out of the problematical situations that might appear in your journey. Try to hire only professionals in their field and people that will be compatible to you and the rest of your team. Unhealthy competition is the thing you need the less in your company. The solution is simple, empower your team and try to delegate all the tasks you have. And of course, trust your team, they should be the ones you trust the most. A great app to do that:

Step by step
It’s a common thing to want everything and right now, but don’t hurry up too much. Try to make a very detailed plan with realistic deadlines and concrete tasks. Follow this plan and revise it once in a while, let’s say every 2 weeks and modify it upon need. Things change really fast and sometimes the things we paid too much importance to, might not be even half as important as we thought, while some details can make your life much harder.

Start now!
It sounds obvious and ridiculous, but look there, there are more than 7 other billions of people out there, and one of them all might have a pretty similar idea to yours, and why not? He might succeed. So don’t reschedule your start-up CEO career. It can be now or never, and better make it be now!

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