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Blockchain Across America: running for two causes

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People can do the craziest things for making stands about what they believe in. For Jason King, this means running across the United States of America, from one coast to the other, in order to raise awareness to two subjects that have little in common: blockchain technology and the problem of homelessness in the country.
The project Blockchain Across America, currently underway, is actually not the first time of King running across the country. He has done the same 5 years ago, in a similar initiative that, at the time, wanted to bring attention specifically to Bitcoin. Now that there are lots of others crypto products, King decided to put his focus on the underlying technology, blockchain.
The potential of this technology is undeniable and, for those who are still sceptic, the numbers do not lie. And this is the reality that King tries to call attention to because, as he puts it, blockchain’s applications such as “smart contracts and distributed applications will bring a new era of transparency and accountability to governments and organizations around the globe”.
But there is another major cause for which King also wants to raise awareness to: the problem of homelessness in the USA. Stats show that, every year, 3.5 million Americans experience being homeless. He believes that these numbers are unacceptable for this country, and also believes that most people are not aware of this fact.
King wants to solve this problem by raising awareness for this reality throughout his run, but he will do more than that. His idea is to also raise some money to be applied towards the solution of this probblem.
Specifically, all the money he raises will be donated to Satoshi Forest Sanctuary, an organization in Florida that helps homeless people and makes them fit for quitting their life on the streets.
The journey of this activist can be followed on his Instagram account, so be sure to head in there and show your support to this magnificent initiative.

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