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Blast 2017 in Rome,first edition to gather startup ecosystem

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According to Venture Beat, Italy needs more efforts to stimulate the startup economy in order to tail other European countries like Spain, Germany, and France.
Its lack of startup culture and bureaucracy doesn’t help the country grow and innovate like entrepreneurs wish to.
Hopefully organizing Startup events like Blast 2017 will certainly drag business and startup opportunities from all over the globe. This is the first edition of a gathering that will set an entrepreneurial step toward a Silicon Valley of Italy that will rise and shine.

BLAST is the first edition of a new international and high quality event that gathers and connects companies, startups, investors, incubators, accelerators, media, public administrations and technology leaders coming from all over the world. During the famous Roman spring, from the 10th to the 12th of May 2017 at Nuova Fiera di Roma, the Eternal City will be one
of the best international hub for digital innovation where to foster a strong and worldwide network.

Blast embraces three core value: Connect, Inspire and Build. We stand behind the idea that enable a connection among entrepreneurs, tech leaders, digital pros, enterprises, startuppers and investors is vital to create and develop a markets that can have a real impact on the technology and innovation field.  At the same level, BLAST, aims to inspire people through action-driven talks and highly interactive workshops with the purpose to unchain human potential and creativity. Moreover, BLAST builds together with investors, startuppers and enterprises effective and lasting actions in an international and top level environment with the goal of helping the startup and companies to establish themselves on the market and be competitive.

Dedicated matching tool and spaces are some of the key collaborative features of the event. Blast Matching Tool allows investors to screen information about the attending startups and companies, including documentation and team details, and schedule meetings during the events.

Blast Team will give all his support to make this tool effective and business oriented.

BLAST 2017 in numbers:
– 3 days
– 1500+ attendees
– 150 startups selected on 5 strategic industries
– 5,000 sqm for 5 areas and 6 simultaneous events: Conference hall, Startup Academy, Startup Arena, Exhibition area (for startups and companies), Meeting area (for one-to-one meetings and
– 1 Media Center: national and international media are already involved
The event is designed to showcase startups, brands and companies, to share ideas, experiences and visions, to chase an opportunity, to win a prize, to learn from the best, to make grow your business.

BLAST 2017 is vertically focused on the following specific paths:
– AI
– Fintech
– Foodtech
– IoT & Industry 4.0
BLAST 2017 Startup Program is already available on the website (http://blastproject.com).

Samsung joins BLAST 2017 as Gold Partner of the event. This is an important collaboration for a conference as BLAST, focalized on topic as VR and IoT: Samsung has a long history made by strong investments in this kind of technologies and, moreover, the corporate philosophy fosters an open ecosystem and the collaboration with talented people around the world.

About the speakers, here below few names from our lineup:
– Spiros Margaris: Venture Capitalist and Senior Advisor, Ranked No. 1 Global Fintech Influencer Top 100 Fintech Influencers and Brands di Onalytica
– Florian Graillot: Investor and Senior Associate at AXA Strategic Ventures
– Scott Arpajian: CEO at Softonic
– Bernard Moon: Investor, Co-founder & Partner SparkLabs Global Ventures
– Ada Chen Rekhi: Entrepreneur, Startup Advisor and marketer based in Silicon Valley
– Peter Szanto: founder of SpringTab.com and Szanto.co. He helps companies like Time-Warner, L’Oreal, OTP, Fashion Street and Trip Trotting in digital business development to grow their revenue.
– Peter Lazou: Creative Venture Builder
– Mads Emil Dalsgaard: CMO Funderbeam
– Scott Amyx: CEO at Amyx+, IBM IoT Futurist, European Commission, United Nations, Wiley Author, TechCrunch, Voted Top IoT Expert by Inc., Postscapes & IoT Institute, Winner of innovation & Gartner Awards

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