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Vainu brings services to U.S. with new smartphone app, advanced notification functionalities and CRM integration
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NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, Like Salesforce on steroids, Helsinki-based data-driven prospecting and lead generation platform Vainu now sets it sights on the U.S.

Social networks and search engines changed the way private individuals are segmented and profiled for sales and marketing purposes – and the same is now happening to legal entities.

Vainu’s mission is to collect, read and understand all the information ever written about every company in the world, and then make this information graspable to everyone. The software provides key insights on more than 70 million companies and help salespeople professionals find the right time and method to contact them. Used by international companies like FedEx, UPS, Manpower, Dell or Microsoft, sales professionals in countless industries to capitalize on the ever-increasing amount of big data.

“On the heels of our rapid success in Europe, we received a deluge of requests for a U.S. version of our popular lead generation and data-driven prospecting platform,” said Mikko Honkanen, Vainu partner and head of U.S. operations. “We’re very excited to finally help U.S. salespeople and marketing teams increase their success rate.”

Over the past three years Vainu has grown from three guys and an idea to 100 people, more than 1000 customers, thousands of users, and 100 million tracked companies in its big data-powered database.

“Vainu has had an exciting run of growth in the European markets,” said Honkanen. “We’re excited to continue that trend here in the U.S.”

Today, on April’s Fools Day Vainu announces a series of no-hoax features: a new smartphone application, robust notifications functionalities, Pipedrive CRM Integration.

Vainu App Is for Sales What Tinder Is for Singles
This app is for salespeople what Tinder is for single people as it empowers them to find actionable account insights from open and public data, enabling them to know which companies they should contact, when and why. The App is available for both iOS and Android, provides offline search functionalities and translates phone calls to contact details

Never Miss a Lead Again
Instead of getting notifications of relevant signals on media, Vainu users are notified whenever a new company matches a criteria of their interest. In other words, users know immediately whenever a new company starts using a certain technology, adds a new language version on their website, announces certain specific open positions on their career page, or anything else that matches one of the countless filters in Vainu. This basically means that salespeople will never again miss a new lead that has only recently matched their ideal customer profile.

Improved CRM Integrations
Finding out what’s truly required from a CRM integration to drive sales results, Vainu Pipedrive CRM integration focuses only on the essential and saves time when prospecting. Salespeople can now better use CRM information when prospecting: to filter out and focus only on companies of which deal was closed lost some time ago, or In the near future, the same same logic is extended to Vainu’s all major CRM integrations on Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and HubSpot.

About Vainu is a data-driven prospecting and lead generation platform used by over 1000 organizations to identify actionable account insights and leads. Vainu’s mission is to collect, read and understand all the information ever written about every company in the world, and then make this information graspable to everyone. To achieve this, Vainu uses intelligent web indexing technology to collect insights from millions of open and public data sources, ultimately portraying this information in a user-friendly interface. is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland and has offices in New York, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Oslo.

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