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Much is said about the blockchain being some sort of a database, in which the distribution is free, which uses state-of-the-art cryptography. And when you think of this type of technology, bitcoin and crypto-coins soon come to mind. But are there other where blockchain can be used?

The answer is yes. The innovation in the use of the blockchain is already in several sectors and not only in the one of cryptocoins. Some of the areas in which this modernization is found are, for example, fashion, music and education, in addition to the legal sector, health, real estate market and even in government services.

With such a widespread potential use of this technology, the demand for blockchain-focused developers is booming, but there is a certain lack of education and training specific for this technology.

In order to tackle this issue, there is now Kingsland University, a school offering courses that focus on blockchain. They currently offer three courses: Blockchain Programming, Blockchain Executive Education, and Software Programming, a more general curriculum.

Jason King, co-founder of this award-winning, fully operational and accredited university along with John Souza, explained why he decided to go ahead with a school focused on blockchain:

“I experienced first-hand just how difficult it was to attract Blockchain Developer talent to any project. But, as hard is that is, it is significantly harder to attract developers to humanitarian causes. The financial incentives to work at a for profit firm are just too high right now and the talent pool is too shallow. Kingsland University – School of Blockchain was born out of a realized necessity to build capacity in the ecosystem in order to ensure the future of blockchain for all great ideas, not just the ones that make a lot of money.”

2018 was a great year for this University and, according to King, 2019 is set out to be even better, with courses not only on their premises but also a bit throughout the globe:

“We will be announcing our 2019 course dates in early December – and believe me, it is going to be a huge year at Kingsland. We are rolling out courses in North and Latin America, Australia, South Korea, Mauritius, and many other countries around the world. We are really looking forward to growing our network of students and helping them get into new careers in blockchain.”

For anyone wishing to know more about the Kingsland University and its blockchain-related courses, be sure to give their website a look.

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