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Tasks Time Tracking a new app to track your work

Our team just discovered a great app to track tasks and work. We wanted to ask the founder the story behind this product since Task Time Tracking is a nice fit with freelancers and agencies.

What does your brand’s name Stands for? What is the story behind the name and how was it born? Any MOTO?

Tasks Time Tracking stands for exactly what the app allows you to do. It allows you to create tasks, and track their time.
Tasks Time Tracking was chosen mostly because for SEO on the App store, maintaining a name that is what the app do “Time Tracking”. On the first version it was named Overtime Tracking, but this was making confusion to some beta users. Then I definitely decide to keep on the name what it does, but since that name was already picked on the App Store, I decide to add “Tasks” to indicate that the app is intended for tasks.

pm About the Founder
The team and the founder is solely me. I am a iOS developer since 2010, living in Lisbon, and this is my first app that I have promoted on the web and get involved with press. I also have others apps but their goals was mostly to test myself if I could manage to finish them, since this is done on my spare time.

Track your time and start improving your productivity with a quick tap on your iPhone.

How do you mostly sell your product?
My product for now it is only available on the App Store, but the other platforms are not forgotten.
Download Tasks Time Tracking

A quick word about the next product functionalities
To fulfil my goal I still have lot to do, my bigger ambition is to have it working on the Apple Watch, iPad, Mac and Android. All synchronised on the Cloud. I also pretend to built a better mechanism for exportation, for example, export time entries in a pdf with details, such charts for comparisons.

What would you advise young entrepreneurs
Built Apps on spare time is hard, very hard actually. But if you love creating stuff, be sure you don’t forget to keep seeing your friends, go out frequently, and listen to your girlfriend, sometimes you need to have a break to maintain your sanity and have strength to move forward. =)

Founder Story
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