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Take Your Company to the World of ICO Tokens with CONDA’s CRWD

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Anyone who pays attention to the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is now aware of the term ICO. Standing for “Initial Coin Offering”, it is now one of the preferred ways for companies to raise capital without losing equity, which is pushing aside other alternatives, such as IPOs (Initial Public Offerings).

Put simply, ICO is a process led by a tech company to launch a new cryptocoin – often called token, in the context of an ICO. All this takes advantage of the underlying blockchain technology, which makes the process quite secure and reliable.

However, preparing and setting your company for launching an ICO is not easy, especially on the legal side of this. CONDA, a specialist on this field, has developed a platform for companies to set up everything necessary for their ICO launching, making it easy for any company wanting to join in and making sure that all the necessary bureaucracy is taken care of.

With CRWD Network users get decentralization, transparency and security – all features brought by the use of blockchain. Also, and probably most important, this platform provides regulatory-compliant investment for SMEs, startups and real estate projects.

Any financial product needs to operate within a legally-compliant framework. By using CRWD Network, companies can easily get them sorted out, getting standardized solutions for the creation and management of private equity instruments, easy and fast payouts, and full compliancy to regulations.

Investors also benefit from this platform, as they are presented with easy to use investments, early and fast access to investment opportunities from within the platform, and more.

CONDA also has its very own ICO token, called CRWD, which is now on the whitelisting phase. The ICO sale of CRWD starts at July 6th, with a pre-sale happening from June 4th to the 6th.

CONDA’s website to obtain all the information about this token sale so, if you are interested, keep an eye on it. Due to its innovative approach and the undoubted advantages it brings to companies, interest in CRWD Network is raising, so it will be no surprise if the demand for CONDA’s ICO is also huge.

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