Startup Weekend Mulhouse 2016
Entrepreneurs Easily Connects Vehicle Services With Its Consumers.

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0% is a one touch online software allowing consumers to find cheaper option local garages to maintain their vehicles. The consumers benefit from cheap services, whilst the vendor can offer more efficient services, hence more money.

A live website is currently used by 40 services across 190+ car brands covering more than 80% of all use cases.  Scalability is ensured with 125 garages in Bangalore alone, providing 800+ service bays. Eventually leading to dealing with 650 vehicles per day.

Stepni is disrupting the vehicle service after-market by opening it up to reliable but lesser known local mechanics and technicians to offer competitive choice for consumers. Providing an up-to-date vehicle diagnostics both understandable to a naive consumer, yet also thorough for qualified mechanic use a time-saver to fix the fault instantly.

Current Business Snapshot
Stepni has two sources of income which comes firstly from a consumer convenience fee for finding them a cheaper vehicle service, and secondly, a vendor lead fee. This is currently creating an average monthly revenue of 103212 from 111 total transactions. All with minimal marketing.

Funding will help develop an Integration of the OBD-2 interface with the platform to allow for customer engagement, predictive diagnostics a vendor-side operations efficiency. Along with hiring more employees, developing larger platform to coincide with growth. Essential marketing in order to achieve.

The Team Behind

Stepni is a small talented core of 10 key members including founder Vinay Singh, a IIM-B Grad who had a portfolio of 6 Brands with Annual Turnover of Rs. 750 Cr, Marketing Manager, HUL. Co-Founder Nikhil Nair is IIM-A Grad and was Digital Marketing Head for Founding Team Member Manish Thakur is a IMS Grad and was Corporate Sales for Mahindra & Mahindra.

What Nextstartup likes about Stepni:
Stepni has though about a price estimation module where you can estimate the costs of a service.
You select your car brand, model, the service you need (painting, cleaning, repairing, tyres job, replacement job and “voilà”


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