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Recruitly the app that endorses coding skills

Recruitly is a new app dedicated to developpers from Canada. If you're a young or senior developper, you will be able to join the network and start to build your portfolio.
Up and rising
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Where does the name come from?
We wanted to come out with a name that would tackle the recruitment industry in a collaborative, and innovative matter.
We are also an early stage startup and wanted to come up with name that reflected that. Hence, “Recruitly”.

How many people are working on this project?
We are two young and experienced developers working tirelessly on rolling out this product to market.

Can you explain in 1 single sentence the purpuse of the app?
Join the network for Software Developers with qualifications achieved through accredited online programs.

What situation are you at the moment?
Right now were collecting email signups via our landing page : http://recruitly.co/

What people would expect from this platform?
Showcase your coding skills. Evaluate other developpers, make recommendations, hire people. Get paid based on your skill set and rating, receive a competive commision for each successfull recruitment. Increase jos opportunities, and much more.


Developping a disruptive app is not easy, what advise would you give to people?
Never give up, and enjoy the ride! This game is about how long you can last.

Receive the best Software Developer jobs in tech developers should hire developers (or, at least, should have a chance to do that and earn money while doing what is most natural to them – assessing other developers’ skills) Artem A. Web Developer

Stay tunes and visit http://recruitly.co/ for more


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