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What is the story behind the project and how was it born?

The Novel Factory came into being partly because I’m really hardworking and partly because I’m really lazy. I wanted to write novels, and I wanted to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible. That doesn’t mean cutting corners, it just meant finding the best route.

I knew that having the right tools was key to this, but when I searched for the available options, none of them seemed to offer the functions that I wanted.

As someone with a background in technology (running my own web design and software company) I had the skills and resources available to create a digital tool perfectly tailored to my requirements, so I did

How can you describe your daily work. Tell us more About the team

The Novel Factory was created by Katja L Kaine who remains the driving force behind new features and functionality. Development is carried out by a small in house team, all of whom are aspiring writers in their free time. We work from an office in beautiful West Yorkshire with two office cats and one barky dog.

How do you mostly sell your product?

The product is sold through our website as a direct download. We are raising the profile of the software through our website, word of mouth, forums, guest blog posts on writing blogs, listings on sites like next Startup and by people we randomly meet in the street and at parties.

A quick word about the next collection/product/functionalities

We are constantly adding new features to The Novel Factory to offer more useful functionality to budding writers. The next big thing in the pipeline is an online version of the software so that all the Mac users who are begging us for a version can use it! And obviously that will make it easier to meet people’s desire to be able to use the software wherever they are and sync across devices.

What would you advise young founder and people who will follow yourSteps

Create something you need for yourself.

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