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Meet the New American Party that Relies Heavily on Blockchain

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The political landscape of the United States of America usually attracts interest from all over the world. This happens not only because the country is one of the world’s largest, but also because its political system is quite particular and unique – and, of course, the 2016 election of Trump surely helped increase this interest.

Now, American politics is again the news (the non-Trump-related news, at least) because of a very different subject: technological innovation. The Indie Party, the latest party to appear in the US, based its operation on its own ICO token, which takes advantage of the blockchain technology, really popular in the tech world these days.

Presented in this year’s edition of the SXSW festival, The Indie Party plans to bring a new way of doing politics to America, with a strong focus on transparency. Also because of how blockchain works, by using its own token (named Indie Token) the part ensures that all transactions are perfectly traceable.

The Indie Party aims to become the third major party in the country, which is traditionally dominated by two parties alone. To do so, it relies on volunteer work, like others do – however, this party rewards volunteer work with Indie Tokens, which can then be used by volunteers to donate to candidates, to redeem for other offers, and so on.

The first candidate of this new party is Jonathan Jenkins, trying to get on the race for the 2018 General Election in Texas. Jenkins, and all other The Indie Party candidates, can access the party’s facilities and other resources, such as financial aid through the party’s token, and also accepts donations in dollars.

In order to get itself known, the party plans to have several “headquarters pop-ups” all around the country. In these temporary locations, it will be possible for everyone from the public to interact with the party, its candidates and its way of doing things.

By making itself known to the public, The Indie Party has the potential to be the change in politics that people seem to want. Who knows if, in the future, this new party can really be an impactful force in the politics of the United States of America.

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