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How to Grow Your Brand’s Number of Followers on Instagram

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Creating a brand’s profile in a social network and not striving to promote it is the same as doing nothing. What would be worth having profiles in several social networks and not feel the impact of the publications? The ideal is to publish original content that is attractive and is known to sell.

On Instagram, it is no different. Just like on Facebook and Twitter, it’s important to know to whom that content launched on the network should be aimed, so that the thoughtful marketing actions begin to generate the expected results and can positively impact sales. Let’s look at several tips that help with this.

Ensure that publications have quality

This is true for any social network, site, blog, or all other digital channels. The quality of the content is fundamental, because it is what makes people interested and wanting to return to your profile and check your future publications. Creative content that captures the audience and maintains is, thus, indispensable.

Share your profile on other locations

Take advantage of the strength of your pre-existing channels, such as a Facebook page, to occasionally remind your audience that equally interesting and well-produced content is being published on Instagram. It is worth saying that this disclosure can also happen offline, with advertising through banners, for example.

Track hashtags

This monitoring will basically help you in two respects. One of them concerns what is trend in the segment, that is, the most used and most popular terms in the universe of your brand’s action. It pays to use the Websta tool to identify the most interesting ones for your brand. The other aspect is just about capturing new followers, since hashtags can put you in direct contact with your target audience, helping to gain followers on Instagram fast.

Ask questions in publications

Questions help drive engagement for a brand, regardless of the channel. With Instagram is the same and, by doing so, you catch the attention of more people, who will have the opportunity to meet and be delighted with the content you produce and, as a result, may become consumers of your business.

Mark customers in publications

Here is an example: you have a brand of shoes and want to spread the satisfaction of a customer who just bought something in one of their stores. How about photographing that person, asking for her profile on the Instagram and tagging the profile in a publication? This is good for a number of reasons, but two in particular: your brand will automatically win a new follower (the customer) and he will probably be interested in sharing the image in which it was marked, which is also helpful for the brand.

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