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One of the most important goals in the development of new products and technologies is to solve problems of users and/or help make their lives better, either by delivering a novelty or by improving an existing process. A good example is recommendations – people love to look for recommendations for restaurants, bars and other venues, but sometimes the results they have are not really satisfactory nor suited for them.

In order to make this kind of recommendations as better as possible enters Bubblo, a recommendation platform that harnesses the power of AI and the blockchain technology. With these foundations, Bubblo is capable of delivering users, in real time, the top 5 restaurants, bars, and other venues, whenever they want and right from an iOS app.

To deliver these recommendations, Bubblo goes through all the data generated by all of the platform’s users, who provide their feedback on the venues they visit. And why would anyone do this, you may be thinking? Because, as a matter of fact, users are rewarded by doing so.

This reward comes in the way of Bubblo’s own cryptocurrency token, BUBL. Currently in its pre-sale phase, the token serves not only to encourage users to provide feedback, which they can use to redeem for products and other rewards next to selected vendors and merchants, it also allows the latter to offer loyalty programs with every other merchants on the platform.

In addition, Bubblo features an amazing feature that allows users to see venues in 360-degree videos, with a huge database of VR media. It also informs about the gender that is most likely to hit a given venue, and aggregates data from multiple sources, including social networks and other review sites, in order to deliver more accurate results.

With Bubblo, the users really have the power. This platform puts all the power in their hands, as they can easily filter venues and locations in a very thoroughly fashion, according  to their personal tastes and interests – all this with top-notch technology, such as AI and blockchain, working for them in the background.

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