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Focusky-Best HTML5 Presentation Maker with New Upgraded Features

Focusky HTMl5 presentation maker is best to create interactive presentations. It is totally free to make the presentation accessible on all devices
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HONGKONG, CHINA, November 1, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ — Mattie Lee, designer of Focusky, announced the launch of a new version of Focusky HTML5 presentation maker. He stated that more practical and attractive features were added to the already existing plethora of functions of the presentation and video animation creation software. The main highlights of the new features include:

 A new interface function to add phenomenal interaction into the presentation.
 Ability to optimize the theme control panel.
 Capability to customize the video size when publishing.
 A new added entrance Text Typewriter and exit animation Text Backspace.
 Ability to change the stay time of frame when presenting the presentation.

Focusky wins a 4.5-Star rating on the world’s renowned website www.cnet.com. One of the Senior Editors at CNET has said that “Focusky Presentation Maker is extremely powerful and a highly result-oriented presentation maker that makes it easier for everyone to present like a professional.”

It is one of the most effective and complete business tools to create, share and present amazing presentations and stunning videos, from anywhere, that effectively provides the audience with a fantastic visual experience. It is no exaggeration that Focusky’s online hosting service is absolutely reliable and incredibly secure.

Stefanie Agnes, an E-Marketing Manager and a customer of Focusky said that “Focusky is very interesting to use and the amazing presentations you can make with it are extremely fun to watch. It is not only easy to use but the presentations can also be published in a split second.

Aside from presentations, you can also create amazing infographics, interactive animations and a lot more of fascinating graphical content with its ready-made built-in templates. Focusky not only has something for everyone but is also absolutely free!”

People who are interested in making intelligent business presentation can visit Focusky site for more details.

About Focusky

Focusky Software Co. Ltd, headquartered in Hong Kong, is a world’s leading provider of high quality, user-friendly and cost-effective digital presentation software. They have been providing an exceptional range of digital presentation software to users around the world for many years.

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