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Gift Discovery Website Expertly Chosen Launches To Take The Stress Out Of Gift Buying

Launching in the US this week, Expertly Chosen’s ( new approach to gift buying finds products that match someone's specific combination of interests, all curated by experts in each passion.
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The company was started by Richard Brown, founder of foreign language resource site Linguasorb, with a simple aim in mind, to take the stress out of finding the perfect gift. The idea came about when Richard needed a gift for a friend who was just getting into photography. He didn’t know anything about that area himself, so asked advice from another photographer friend.

Richard explains “the gift they suggested went down really well, and it made me think, what if there was a site where you could get these expert suggestions for any person, whatever they are into?”

He pitched the idea to developer and former co-worker Joel Mitchell who came on board as co-founder and CTO.

Logo_Square_500_ReverseRichard says, “we heard the same story over and over, people want to buy gifts that really connect with people, rather than generic or novelty items, but they find it hard to know what to buy. Our curated suggestions allow people to find things in areas they would never normally know about.”

With Expertly Chosen, users select a range of interests and personality traits that describe their recipient. The platform then collates gift suggestions from experts in each of these areas, resulting in a list of suggestions totally unique to that recipient. Experts include bloggers, industry professionals, journalists, and business owners.

While most gift sites rely heavily on gender stereotypes – the barbecue tools for him, the spa day for her – people are defined by their personality not their gender. Expertly Chosen provides a way to find the right gift for that unique person, without making assumptions about them.

The platform also helps to avoid the last minute panic by sending users the latest suggestions for their recipient right to their inbox, before their birthday or Christmas, finding you suitable gifts before you’ve even had a chance to stress about it.

Expertly Chosen’s full potential lies in their future plan to utilize social suggestions from their community, who can endorse products related to their own interests, greatly increasing the validity of each suggestion.

eCommerce has been seeing a trend towards curated suggestions such as with Amazon’s new Interesting Finds. Vendors have recognise consumers’ desire for more purchase guidance and Expertly Chosen aims to tap into this need in the gifting market where there is a large amount of uncertainty and stress involved in the purchase process.

About Expertly Chosen

Expertly Chosen ( was founded in London, UK in 2015 with the aim of taking the stress out of finding great gifts.

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