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Exponea received a euro 1 million investment in early 2016 to scale up its activities in helping clients hack themselves. To grow fast forward. Quickly and far in advance of the market.
CEO & Founders

Jozef Kovac

Fund Raised

1 million euros

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If you want to know more, there’s no better person to ask than Josef Kovac. He is just finishing his coffee and about to tell us how the product he co-created hacks the analytics of Pixel Federation, one of the fastest growing players of the mobile phone and tablet games market. What has Pixel got out of it? Faster growth.

“Every day for the last three years, 50,000 new players downloaded a Pixel Federation game. That’s new players who had never played any games before. Pixel Federation has been a great customer,” says Josef, adding that the desire to grow is common to all Exponea clients.

What secret allows this until recently unknown company see details in its clients’ data that no-one else in the whole world can? A trip into the past is in order here.

Jozef Kovac was a big data analyst for the greatest and biggest names in this sector. But on their projects, the identification of a customer story in data was often the end in itself as any extra work would have been outside the scope of the projects. One other thing kept getting in his way – companies requesting high-quality output to free simple analytics and yet being unwilling to wait a few days. Tailored solutions require deploying consultants and at least some time.

But Jozef persevered. He created a completely new product – a software solution applicable to any data that hacks the practices of the company and brings rapid growth. The very first customer took the product. He brought him benefits and job was successful. Joseph leaved his well-paid job and went on to found Exponea.

“When you have high goals that matter to you, you’ll bend over backwards to achieve them. The biggest competitive advantage comes from hacking yourself, your own business, to find savings or your hidden strengths. Others have similar market information, but you are the only one possessing – and guarding – the best information about yourself. The largest fast-growing companies, the likes of AirBnB and Facebook, have the greatest analytical departments and keep pushing analytics forward. They know all too well that they prosper through internal hacks. And any small company can do the same thing,” Joseph explains. But going deep fast would not be enough.

The layman might say the interface just looks pretty, but there’s more to it. The clear user interface is actually one of Exponea’s key success factors. Just think about it. How many people in the world can read the analytic you need? Only a few. Now, what if everyone in the company could read the insights themselves, without any help? Grow of the companies jump to fastest level.


“Our tool is designed so as to make people more productive. Our charts are understandable even to the boss who has no background in analytics. Exponea provides by far the easiest-to-understand analytics on the market.”

By the way, have you ever wondered whether data is more important than intuition or vice versa? Jozef thinks both are equally important, but with a difference. Data speaks of the past. Seeing connections helps you move forward into the future, and that’s where there is room for intuition and creativity. When creative people rely on intuition only, they are not aware of their mistakes. But if you measure creative people with analytics, they can optimize actions and practices and avoid mistakes in the future.

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