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Australia and UK now have Running Heroes with major partners

Running Heroes is a France-based firm operating worldwide that enables individuals, firms and Non-For-Profits
to incentivise physical activity and incorporate healthier living into their collaborators daily routine through running.

Paris, France – Running is one of the most popular sports on the planet, and runners one of the most dedicated –some say obsessed—group of athletes.
Whether it is the simplicity of needing no equipment to enjoy the hobby or the solitude, people love to run.  One of the interesting aspects to the psyche of runners is that they are more than people who put on trainers and hit the streets, runners are people who see life as a series of challenges to overcome.  It is that focus on those challenges that Running Heroes is so interested in cultivating and exploring.  Running Heroes works with non-for-profits and corporations together to establish corporate charity events like their recent Team UNICEF World Run that raised money for children vaccination. Corporates who understand the importance of shifting the company’s culture towards employee health and happiness in the workplace have already work with Running Heroes (including most recently Accenture, SCIEX or Suncorp). Individuals who already run in the company get a chance to inspire their colleagues and unite them through the sport behind a charity cause.

“Recent studies have shown that the modern sedentary lifestyle is just so unhealthy.” says Quentin Auberger, Running Heroes UK Country Manager. “We want to encourage people to get out and move—not necessarily become marathon runners, but move. Part of our program is giving anyone incentives to run and that’s why we’re working with corporations closely.  All the corporates we have worked with are conscious of the negatives impacts on employees to spend 8 hours a day behind a computer. When they sponsor events they not only encourage healthy activities, but they also promote their brand and increase the productivity of their employees.”

Most recently, on November the 29th, Running Heroes organised Team UNICEF World Run
(, a 10km race that one could run anywhere in the world at any moment of any day, as long as he was equipped with a GPS device or application. The subscription fee was a AU$8 donation to UNICEF (or AU$38 – with the event t-shirt). The race gathered 6,072 participants from 57 countries raising a total of $AU 142,300 to help vaccinate children around the world.
“One of the things I love about the Running Heroes team is our corporate culture of looking for solutions where everybody wins,” says Quentin Auberger, Running Heroes UK Country Manager. “We have found a way to improve human health and reward positive behavior, raise money for charity while increasing corporate productivity, profits, and brand exposure. All within a single event concept. The direct benefits of our events are reduction in employee stress level, better physical and mental health, improvement on team spirit, engagement and happiness at work.”
Running Heroes has developed an extremely efficient and simple process that makes it easy for people to sign up and get moving.



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